Bert Pol Vintage Motorcycles

The restauration of veteran- and vintage motorcycles is also part of our activities.

Full restauration, only some parts or unfinished projects, a lot is possible.         

Contact us to find out how we can be of help.

Our most recent restauration: Triumph model H, 1916, before and after our work:

Triumph model H 1916

Restored with conservation of original paint and nickel.

  A few examples of our previous restaurationwork: 


Minerva 1901 with surface carburettor.

 Chater Lea, 1902, with surface carburettor.


Douglas 1910, before restauration ..............


The same motorcycle after restauration.



 Douglas 1914 " Ladies - model ", completely rebuilt.                                 


Scott 1914, completely rebuilt after many years of "standstill ".

NSU 251R, 1924

NSU 251R, 1924.

 A number of our previous restaurations :


Triumph Ricardo 1925,  Triumph SD with sidecar 1924,  Triumph 1913 3-speed,  Minerva 1902,

       Minerva 1903,  Eysink 1939,  New Imperial 1915,  AJS 1927,  Douglas 1910,  Douglas 1912,

                        Douglas 1914,  Douglas  1915,  Douglas 1916,  Douglas 1920,  Raglan 1914,  Terrot 1927,  NSU 1924, Triumph 1912.


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